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2019 IGSF Australia Competitions, European & World Championships!

Represent Australia at the IGSF European and IGSF World Championships in 2019 by qualifying in March at the 3rd IGSF Australia Cup at the 5th Arnold Classic Australia.

Members have the opportunity to represent Australia in 2019 at the IGSF European & World Championships. Qualifiers for the Australian team will take place at the 3rd IGSF Australia Cup competition at the 5th Arnold Sports Festival on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March, 2019!  Any places not allocated will be filled from qualification at the 3rd Perth Open WGP.

The European Championships will be held in Greece, and the 27th IGSF Kettlebell Sport World Championship will be held in Melbourne Australia November 1st – 6th!


Weight Categories 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90 and 90+ 

Youth, Adult, Veteran Biathlon & Long Cycle

Men Elite: 32kg

Under 23: 32kg

Veterans 40-59 years: 24kg, 60-79 years: 16kg, +80 years: 12kg

Amateurs: 24kg , Amateurs Under 23: 24kg


Weight Categories 55, 60,70, 70+

Youth, Adult & Veteran Snatch, 1 arm Long Cycle and double jerk

Adult: 16kg

Under 23: 16kg

Veterans 35-54 years: 16kg, 55-74 years: 12kg, +75 years: 8kg

Kettlebell Marathon events to be posted soon.

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