2018 1st WKSF Oceania Open Cup!


2018 1st WKSF Oceania Open Cup will be in Melbourne Australia!

The World Kettlebell Sport Federation invites you to the 2018 1st WKSF Oceania Open Cup which will be held in Melbourne Australia at the Body World Gym in Balaclava organised by Kettlebell Sport Australia United, Kettlebell Athletica and the WKSF Oceania Team!

Date: Sunday, 2nd December 2018

Location: Body World Gym in Balaclava.


Saturday 1/12/2018

Arrival of delegations to Melbourne Australia

Weigh-in between 4:00 pm  to 7:00 pm

Sunday 2/12/2018

Competitions begin 10:00 am on Sunday


Long Cycle (TALC) Women

Long Cycle Men

Long Cycle (OALC Women)

Snatch Women

Biathlon Men

Biathlon Women

Relay Men and Women

Groups by age and weight in each category

Weight category Men:

63kg, 68kg, 74kg, 80kg, 87kg, 95kg, + 95kg

Weight category Woman:

52kg, 58kg, 65kg, 75kg, + 75kg


-Long Cycle Elite 32kg

-Long Cycle under 23 years 32kg

-Long Cycle Amateur 24kg

-Long Cycle Veterans 40-59 years 24kg

-Long Cycle Veterans 60-74 years 16kg

-Long Cycle Veterans +75 years 12kg

-Long Cycle Junior 16-18 years 24kg

-Long Cycle Junior 14-15 years 16kg


-Long Cycle Elite 20 + 20kg

-Long Cycle Elite 24kg

-Long Cycle Amateur 16 + 16kg

-Long Cycle Amateur 16kg

-Long Cycle 23 20 + 20kg

-Long Cycle Veterans 35-54 years 16kg

-Long Cycle Veterans 55-64 years 12kg

-Long Cycle Veterans +65 years 8kg

-Long Cycle Junior 16-18 years 16 + 16kg

-Long Cycle Junior 14-15 years 12 + 12kg


-Biathlon Elite 32kg

-Biathlon under 23 years 32kg

-Biathlon Amateur 24kg

-Biathlon Veterans 40-49 years 24kg

-Biathlon Veterans 60-74 years 16kg

-Biathlon +75 years 12kg

-Biathlon Junior 16-18 years 24kg

-Biathlon Junior 14-15 years 16kg


-Snatch Disabled 16kg


-Biathlon Elite 20 + 20kg

-Snatch Elite 24kg

-Biathlon Amateur 16 + 16kg

-Snatch Amateur 16kg

-Biathlon under 23 years 20 + 20kg

-Biathlon Veterans 35-54 years 16kg

-Biathlon Veterans 55-64 years 12kg

-Biathlon Veterans +65 years 8kg

-Biathlon Junior 16-18 years 16 + 16kg

-Biathlon 14-15 years 12 + 12kg


-Snatch Disabled 8kg


-Relays Jerk 32 + 32kg 3×3


-Relays 20kg + 20kg 3×3


WKSF Ranking System! http://www.wksf.site/copia-all-about


Registration will open very soon!  Stay tuned for more announcements!