Kettlebell Triathlon Rules

Kettlebell Triathlon Events

The three competition lifts are the Snatch, Jerk, and the Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk).

Each lifter receives only one attempt in each lift to perform as many repetitions as they can without putting the kettlebells down.

The Jerk and Long Cycle are performed with two kettlebells and the Snatch with a single kettlebell with only one hand switch.

The combined total of successful lifts in each discipline determines the overall result within a bodyweight category.

A lifter who fails to complete the minimum number of lifts in each discipline will not be able to rank regardless if total points are achieved.

Each lift is also worth different points.

Triathlon ranking calculation :

Snatch 1 rep= 1 point.

Jerk 1 rep = 2 points.

Long Cycle 1rep = 3 points.

KETACADEMY RANKING TABLE  (2017 edition) Included 10min & 5min Triathlon. →

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