Competition Protocol Files


2011 1st KBA Kettlebell Marathon For Matea

2013 2nd KBA Kettlebell Marathon June 22nd

2013 1st KBA Melbourne Open 8th December.

2014 2nd KBA Melbourne Open /1st World Grand Prix Australia 

2014 1st IUKL Australia World Cup

2015 1st ASF / 3rd KBA Melbourne Open / 2nd World Grand Prix Australia!

2016 Kettlebell Athletica Classic

2016  2nd ASF /4th Kettlebell Athletica  Melbourne Open/ 3rd World Grand Prix Australia!

2017 3rd ASF / 5th Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne Open/ 4th World Grand Prix Australia!

2017 1st Kettlebell Athletica Perth Open

2017  Kettlebell Athletica Classic

2018 4th ASF /6th KBA Melbourne Open/ 5th World Grand Prix Australia

2018 1st WAKSC Kettlebell Marathon World Championship

2018 2nd Kettlebell Athletica Perth Open / 1st World Grand Prix Perth

2018 Kettlebell Athletica Classic

2019 5th ASF / 7th KBA Melbourne Open / 6th World Grand Prix Australia

2019 3rd Kettlebell Athletica Perth Open / 2nd World Grand Prix Perth


2019 27th IGSF World Championship

2019 3rd IGSF Australia Cup

2018 2nd IGSF Australia Cup

2017 25th IGSF World Championship

2017 1st IGSF Australia Cup


2010 GSAA Melbourne Regional

2010 GSAA 1st National Championship

2012 GSAA 3rd National Championship

2014 GSAA 5th National Championship

2015 GSAA Melbourne Regional


2014 IUKL 1st World Cup Australia


2015 1st IKMF Kettlebell Marathon World Championships

2015 Ultimate Girevik Cup

2016 IKMF Ultimate Girevik Cup & Super Marathon

2017 Ultimate Girevik Cup

Australian Kettlebell Sport Records following international rules and regulations for all kettlebell sport events. Records tables will be uploaded soon for each event including weight class.




5 Minute

10 Minute

30 Minute

1 Hour

2 Hour


5 Minute

10 Minute

30 Minute

1 Hour

2 Hour