KETAcademy Kettlebell Sport Certification!
We are pleased to inform you that in March the “Kettlebell and Endurance Training academy” (known as KETACADEMY),and “Kettlebell Athletica” will be hosting a Kettlebell Sport certification with multiple World Champion Sergey Rachinskiy and MSIC World Champion  Jad Marinovic 
Kettlebell Sport Training Workshop presented by KETACDEMY:
Fundamental Kettlebell movements
Basic technique and variations in Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle
Different training principles, methods, and tips
Special physical training for Kettlebell Sport 
Ketacademy Website: https:
Train with World Champions!
Honored Master of Sport, 2003 Honored Coach of Russia, 2006
World Champion Long Cycle, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, Relay Long Cycle, 2001
World Champion Biathlon, 2001, Relay Biathlon, 2001.
World Cup Long Cycle, 1998, 2000
Champion of Russia Long Cycle, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002,2003, 2005
Relay Long Cycle 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004
Relay Biathlon, 2002, 2004
Russia Cup Biathlon, 2003
Relay Biathlon, 2001, 2002
Champion of Armed Forces, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003,Relay 2005,2006
Guinness Book Record Holder
1. Jerk Kettlebell, 24 kg. 12 hours 5555 lifts
2. Squat Barbell, 225 Lb, 180 times
3. Squat Barbell, 225 Lb, 212 times
4. Jerk Kettlebell OALC, 24 kg.1 hour, 915 times
5. Squat Barbell, 176 Lb, 1 hour, 520 times.
6. Jerk Kettlebell , 16+16 kg.1 hour, 935 times
7. snatch 16kg. 1 hour, 1557 times
Jad Marinovic – Australia’s 1st MSIC & Kettlebell Sport World Champion
Australia’s 1st Master of Sport World Class (MSWC)
Australia’s 1st World Champion in Kettlebell Marathon (2015), TAJ (2017), and 1st Master of Sport with 24kg ( 2013) & 1st Snatch only MS with 16 kg (2017)
Multiple MS & World Record Holder in Kettlebell Marathon & multiple National Champion.
Australia 1st female IUKL World Cup PRO Champion 24kg (2014), Australia 1st female KBA World Grand Prix PRO Champion 24kg (2014) and Arnold Classic Australia female Professional Champion 24kg (2015), 1st Australian IKSFA MS and 1st Ketacademy Master of Sport in the World! 
Ketacademy Certification (2 days)
Early Bird $380 ends 29th February 2020
Regular fee $450
 Secure your spot! Number of participants is limited!
PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS — personally tailored training programs
Beginner and Advanced 1 hr $100 (per person)
If you are interested in additional Personal Training with Sergey Rachinskiy or attending the certification, please send your email to Jad Marinovic or call 0412 053 896