KBA Events!

2018 KBA Event Schedule!


March 16th, 17th & 18thth at the Arnold Sports Festival!

#KBA/WAKSC –  Melbourne Open Championship/Stage 5 World Grand Prix & WAKSC Marathon World Championships! Qualifier for the WKSF European and World Championships!

#KBA/IGSF – 2nd IGSF Australia Cup Championship / Qualifier for the IGSF European and World Championships!

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March 20th-21st – Ketacademy Certification.

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September 24th – KBA 2nd Perth Open Championship!

NOTE: Two more KBA Competitions to be announced very soon!

For more information please send an email to info@kettlebellathletica.com.au

All KBA competitions are followed by KBA competition rules and 2017 KETAcademy ranking table!

Kettlebell Athletica has been organising events in Australia which include both traditional and non-traditional events in partnership with Ketacademy offering international ranks, WAKSC organising the World Grand Prix Australia. KBA is also the official partner with  IGSF Australia including IGSF Australia Cup qualifying athletes to represent Australia at the IGSF Worlds and European Championships.