Arnold Classic KBA WGP


Arnold Classic / KBA Melbourne Championship – Stage 5 World Grand Prix!

The International Kettlebell sport GRAND PRIX World Tournament series are being held by organizing club competitions in different countries according to the calendar of WKCA. The Arnold Classic KBA/WKCA WGP Championship is an event open to lifters Australia-wide and around the world to all federations, unions, associations, countries, communities and clubs who promote kettlebell sport.

The “World Association of Kettlebell Clubs” and its Australian partner club, “Kettlebell Athletica” will bring together professional, amateur and novice Kettlebell Sport athletes to compete in one of the most highly challenging power endurance sports in the world at the 2nd Arnold classic Australia.

This event will be showcasing a variety of Kettlebell Sport events using the Ketacademy Ranking Table. Some of Australia’s top Kettlebell Sport athletes, teams, and other outstanding international world champions will be competing at the 2016 Arnold Classic. You will witness spectacular displays of extraordinary power and strength endurance, mental focus plus more.


Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport or GS, is a weightlifting sport performed with kettlebells that originates from Russia. Unlike Olympic or Power Lifting which is about maximal weight lifted, the sport of kettlebell lifting is classified as a cyclical sport where competitors have to lift a submaximal load, and perform as many repetitions as they can in a 10 minute time frame or longer to become champion.


There are 3 classic kettlebell lifts that are traditionally performed: the Snatch, Jerk and Long Cycle. Only 1 hand switch is permitted in single kettlebell 10 minute events but you can multiple switch in kettlebell marathon events.


Jerk (TAJ + OAJ)
Long Cycle (TALC + OALC)
Biathlon (OAJ or TAJ + Snatch)
Kettlebell Marathon
Kettlebell Relay


Jerk (TAJ)
Long Cycle (TALC)
Biathlon (TAJ)
Kettlebell Marathon
Kettlebell Relay


Women: 53, 58, 63, 68, 68+
Men: 63, 68, 73, 78, 85, 95, 105, 105+

KETTLEBELL WEIGHTS (Professional, Amateur and Novice lifter)

Male Lifter: Professional 32kg, Amateur 28 kg & 24kg, Novice/Rookie 20kg & 16kg
Female Lifter: Professional 24kg, Amateur 20 kg & 16kg, Novice/Rookie 12kg & 8 kg


Registration for the KBA WGP at the Arnold Classic 2016!

1. Please send an email to with the following information: Name, Event, Kettlebell Weight and Weight Class.

2. You will receive an email with account details to transfer $120 for one event.

3. Only when payment has been made you are officially registered for the Arnold Classic and will receive the official registration form.

Main contacts for the International World Kettlebell Grand Prix Australia Leg:


Come and see the Kettlebell Sport demonstration at the Arnold Classic Australia to learn more about Kettlebell Sport with Australia’s best female lifter Jad Marinovic, World Champion Master of Sport World Class, 3 x Master of Sport, 6 x Champion of Australia, and multiple World Record holder; and Sergey Rachinskiy, HMS, MSIC, HCR, 9 x World Champion, 12 x Champion of Russia and 7 x Guinness Book Record Holder.
The Introduction to Kettlebell Sport demonstration will cover Kettlebell Sport in all aspects including Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle demonstrations by Sergey Rachinskiy, and a Kettlebell Power Juggling performance to music by Jad Marinovic.


Ketacademy Kettlebell Sport Certification with Jad Marinovic and Sergey Rachinskiy on the 21st and 22nd of March. For more information please visit the following event page:

For more information contact – Jad Marinovic (Australia) (+61395215588) or send email to, and/or refer to the following websites/facebook links for more information.

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