Long Cycle Events (10 minutes)

Two Arm Long Cycle (TALC) – Clean two kettlebells to the chest in the rack position , jerk them to the overhead position, then allow the kettlebells to drop back into the rack position, followed by the back swing, and clean into the rack position again. Repeat the cycle for reps. The finish position must have their knees and elbows in full lockout and knees also need to be locked out before each Jerk overhead.

Denis Vasilev – 101 reps!

Sergey Rachinskiy – long cycle demo (side, front, back views)

IUKL World Cup Stage 6 & Kettlebell Athletica WGP 2014

Denis Vasilyev – kettlebell long cycle tchnique

2015-03-01 Women’s 16kg TALC, OKC Cali Open KB Championships

One Arm Long Cycle (OALC) – Exercise performed as above but with a single kettlebell. Only one hand switch is permitted. OALC event is a women’s only event.

Jad Marinovic Master of Sport Long Cycle (OALC)24kg