2020 Online 8th KBA Melbourne Open / 7th World Grand Prix Australia


The  online 2020 8th KBA Melbourne Open / 7th World Grand Prix Australia registration will officially close this week Friday at 11:59 PM which is open to all lifters from all federations, unions, associations, countries, communities and clubs who promote kettlebell sport.

To participate all athletes must sent an email to info@kettlebellathletica.com.au before registration ends this Friday 11:59 PM.  All participants including who has already sent in an email will receive the official registration form this week.

Registration form link and payment:

Step 1: Send an email to info@kettlebellathletica.com.au

Step 2: Complete your registration form..

Step 3: Payment via paypal or direct transfer.

Step 4: You enter the online competition by sending in a video of your competition set to info@kettlebellathletica.com.au including your weigh-in (body weight & Kettlebell).  Note:  You must record your weight-in (body weight & kettlebell) in the same video prior to lifting in your chosen event.


Stage 1 Events: 10 & 5 Minute Online Events 18th – 28th of December

Stage 2 Events: Kettlebell Marathon, Military Snatch and Power Juggling 18th December – 28th January 18th – 28th January


Rankings awarded at Kettlebell Athletica competitions are official Ketacademy competition ranks and rules based on the new 2020 KETAcademy ranking table.  Kettlebell Athletica – is the official Australian partner club to “Ketacademy” and the “World Association of Kettlebell Clubs” since 2013.

Events: Jerk, Snatch Long Cycle, Kettlebell Marathon, Kettlebell Relay, and new events which include Army Snatch, Juggling Marathon and Power Juggling! Individual Rules will be posted soon!

Athletes who register and compete will have the opportunity to compete to achieve Ketacademy ranks and win medals in the Professional, Amateur and Novice division. Lifters need to perform a certain number of repetitions in their weight class to achieve an official Ketacademy rank.  Ranks: MSIC Master of Sport International Class , MS – Master of Sport, CMS – Candidate for Master of Sport, Rank 1, 2 and 3.

Note: 10 Minute Online Events 18th – 28th of December – Professional athletes competing in classic 10 Minute events online aiming to achieve MS and above ranks will be required to live stream their event, and send in details including date and time prior to live streaming your competition set to info@kettlebellathletica.com.au.


Stage 1 Events: 18th – 28th December

CLASSIC (10 & 5 Minutes):

Jerk (TAJ)
Biathlon (TAJ)
Triathlon (TAJ & TALC)

Stage 2 Events: 18th – 28th January

Military Snatch (12 Minutes multiple switch alternating every  minute)

Kettlebell Half Marathon (TAJ, OAJ, OALC, TALC, Snatch)
Kettlebell Marathon (TAJ, OAJ, OALC, TALC, Snatch)

Juggling Kettlebell Marathon (Reverse Flip 8 kg women)

Power Juggling

If you have any questions please send an email to info@kettlebellathletica.com.au

Event Page:https://fb.me/e/2DwROY66U

Thank you all for your support, patients and understanding.

Jad Marinovic

Kettlebell Athletica Director

WFF International Kettlebell Director

Arnold Sports Festival Australia Kettlebell Captain.

Ketacademy/WAKSC Representative

IGSF Representative.