2017 IGSF 25th Kettlebell Sport World Championship Results

Congratulations to all the 2017 IGSF Australia Team who represented Australia at the 25th IGSF Girevoy Sport World Championships in Loutraki Greece on the 12th to the 16th of October!

First time in history IGSF included 2 arms Long Cycle and 2 arms jerk for Woman in the official program of the IGSF World Championship. 18 sportswomen competed in 2 arms Long Cycle, 38 – in One arm Long Cycle and 15 women demonstrated outstanding result in 2 arms jerk. Extremely high was competition in snatch among 56 women kettlebell lifters.

Elite Division

Jad Marinovic

Jerk 2 x 16 kg -60 w/c 88 Points

GOLD & Australia Record

1st Australian World Champion in Jerk  (TAJ)

Coach Sergey Rachinskiy

Elite Division

Marilyn Tuna

TALC 2 x 16 kg 70+ w/c 80 Points

Australia Record & 8th place in world!

Coach Tracey Gunn

Amateur Division

David Pow Tabain

Biathlon 24 kg Snatch 225 reps  & Jerk 111 reps Total Points

GOLD & Australia Record

Veteran Division

Jad Marinovic

Jerk 2 x 16 kg -60 w/c 88 Veteran Div

GOLD & Australia Record

Jad Marinovic

Snatch 16 kg -60 w/c 178 Veteran Div

GOLD & Australia Record.

IGSF Results File Link: http://igsf.biz/dir/en/2017/10/17/results-of-25-igsf-wold-championship-in-greece-12-15-10-2017/

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to organising the IGSF Girevoy Sport World Championships!   First of all I want to say thank you so much to the IGSF President Iurii ShcherbinaI, host Pantelis Fillikidis, IGSF committee, IGSF Representatives, Australia & National Teams, IGSF members, competitors, judges, coaches, friends and family for this fantastic and  unforgettable opportunity and experience in Greece.  Thank you to my coach Sergey Rachinsiy, my parents and sons Dylan and Matteus for all your support, Marilyn Tuna’s coach Tracey Gunn, and  Tonia Economou who travelled all the way to Greece supporting the Australia Team.   I know how much dedication and sacrifice it takes to host even small National events.  It is such an honour and privilege to be the official IGSF Representative for Australia, and be part of this historic event which included the first time in history double events for woman in both Jerk and Long Cycle.  This year there were 3 National team members representing IGSF Australia from 3 different states (Victoria, Western Australia and NSW). Congratulations  to the Australia Team members which included David Tabain, Marilyn Tuna and myself who achieved outstanding results in Loutraki Greece.  Thank you IGSF for giving athletes around the world the opportunity to represent our country in beautiful Greece and we look forward to meeting with you all again.  So many other people to thank which will be included in follow up posts with pictures and video, etc

Euharisto Ellada!!!!


Jad Marinovic

Representative IGSF Australia/Team Captain