2016 Arnold Classic Kettlebell Sport TV!

2016 Kettlebell Athletica Melbourne Open Championship / Stage 5 World Grand Prix at the 2nd Arnold Classic Australia!

Arnold Classic Day 1 Events:

Biathlon divisions (TAJ & OAJ) , Snatch Only and Long Cycle divisions (TALC & OALC)

Arnold Classic Day 2 Events:

Arnold Schwartzenneger visited Kettlebell Sport event for the 1st time in history in Australia, Kettlebell Relay, Kettlebell Kids, Kettlebell Marathon followed by a Kettlebell Sport Stage Demonstration

The Arnold Classic Kettlebell Sport event featured 5 traditional 10 minute events, Biathlon, Long Cycle, and Snatch Only for both Men and Women plus 2 additional events for women which included the Biathlon (OAJ) & Long Cycle (OALC).

Day 2 featured the Kettlebell Marathon in all disciplines (OAJ, TAJ, TALC, OALC and Snatch Only), Kettlebell Relay plus Kettlebell Kids events.