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About KBA
The amazing advantages of kettlebell training, as developed a century ago in Russia, inspired Jad Marinovic so much that she opened ‘Kettlebell Athletica’, the first gym in Australia devoted primarily to kettlebells.
The kettlebell training revolution delivers maximum fitness results through integrated time-efficient exercises without the use of the type of equipment found in typical gyms today.
Kettlebell Athletica has over 200 square meters of equipment-free gym floor space, as well as other odd object fitness tools such as ropes, bandit loops, power bands, power clubs, power bags, old-school barbells, old-school dumbbells, sleds, sandbags and blocks. Every training session can incorporate a different combination making the workout fun, effective and flexible. Have fun, be creative, and get fitter faster by combining your cardio and strength training in one session!
Jad, a qualified personal trainer, is the founder and manager at Kettlebell Athletica in Prahran, a popular central Melbourne shopping area in Australia, having opened the gym after a career of over 10 years. Jad and her team of certified kettlebell instructors inspire a whole range of clients from all walks of life to exceed their personal goals in less time.
The Kettlebell Athletica management believes that the many benefits to kettlebell training are best achieved by ‘beginning with the basics and viewing your workouts initially as practise’ in order to adapt the most effective technique and obtain maximum results.
Why Train at Kettlebell Athletica? Benefits include:
  • Learn how one workout routine can help you lose weight and get stronger.
  • Enjoy training with a variety of tools that will ensure the results you want faster.
  • Develop skills that improve balance, timing and co-ordination.
  • Be guided safely through effective programs, tailored to your goals.
  • See results in less than three weeks with three sessions per week.
  • Improve your posture and smooth out weak spots in your lower back and hamstrings with Kettlebell Athletica’s Joint Mobility program.
  • Improve your cardio with no impact or marathon workouts - ideal for those with knee or ankle injuries.
  • Gain amazing core strength that will take any sportsperson to a new level of performance.
  • Build phenomenal grip strength and shoulder stability that will prevent injuries and increase everyday strength capacity.
  • Feel the difference that has made this traditional Russian training style the cornerstone of elite athletic and military performance.
  • Experience the amazing after burn effects of Kettlebell Athletica’s training as you transform your metabolism into a fat burning machine
  • Portable gym in your hand—learn in the gym and practice at home.
  • Enjoyable challenging workout—lots of fun—realize your personal goals.
  • Time is a precious commodity so time-efficient fitness training is a bonus
  • Cardio & strength exercise is combined
  • Fat loss & toning in one session
  • Core strength & flexibility increased at the same time
  • Stress relief more effective due to integrated exercises
  • Functional & practical fitness—compliments your everyday routine.
  • Athletic performance enhanced.
  • Injury rehabilitation is simply achievable
  • Incredible workout variety that will keep you interested and active so that your training won’t plateau.
  • Options to train one on one or in a group situation giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Access to online education and workouts to help develop your new lifestyle with additional at-home exercise routines.
  • Receive discounts not available to the public on all our great kettlebells.
  • Become part of the kettlebell movement in a fun workout environment that encourages improvement and supports technique and skill development.
  • Get your hands on the tools and techniques that will blast you out of your gym rut!
  • The best equipment on the market.
  • The best trainers providing up to date and informative advice.
  • The best value you will ever get for money spent on fitness equipment and training.
Jad, a certified kettelbell instructor, personal trainer and Aerobics instructor is on a mission to convert others to kettlebell training so they will be part of the revolution and turn their life around. In addition, Kettlebell Athletica now proudly sells its own brand name of kettlebells for purchase on-line on the Kettlebell Athletica website.
What Phil says about KBA & Founder Jad Marinovic
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