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Mother and Baby
Kettlebell Training is perfect for busy mums. "Give me thirty minutes, three days a week and I can totally transform your body with Kettlebells"... Jad Marinovic.
If you are a tired and busy 'new mum' who wants to look lean and graceful, and to also feel stronger, resilient and flexible but you can’t fit training into your schedule then you need to train with Kettlebells. Kettlebell Athletica’s postpartum ‘New Mum New Body’ program uses Kettlebells as its primary fitness tool. It’s also fun, challenging and time-saving. Lifting your growing baby with your grocery bags can become an easy task.
The 'New Mum New Body' postpartum Kettlebell fitness program will burn fat, increase lean muscle, and improve your figure. More importantly Kettlebell training is guaranteed to increase your range of motion and flexibility, ‘functional’ strength, and to improve conditioning, stamina, and develop a strong back and core. So, you save time because Kettlebell training develops cardiovascular conditioning and functional strength into one workout. ...Get back into shape without the torment of crash-diets Or prolonged joint-jarring cardio sessions...
My weight loss story
"I really enjoyed being pregnant and becoming a new mum with the birth of my son, but no one could have been more ‘shocked’ than I was when my weight had sky-rocketed due to an increased appetite, cravings and painful sciatica. After the go-ahead from my gynecologist I got back into shape with traditional strength training and long boring cardio sessions after a few months. But I continued to suffer from lower back pain and tight hip flexors and I was also struggling to find the time to be consistent with my workouts. Although I returned to my pre-baby shape I continued to experience intermittent lower back pain and tight hip flexors, as well as an injury from training. Then I discovered the kettlebell, your ‘all in one’ hand-held gym."
"With kettlebells I could do my cardio and strength training simultaneously anywhere, anytime. I soon developed ‘real world’ strength and a rock solid back and core. I am now stronger than I have ever been and I train effectively in half the time that I used to. Kettlebell training solved my postpartum back problems and I no longer had trouble fitting workouts into my busy schedule as a ‘busy mum’. So it doesn’t make sense to me to continue training with traditional strength training equipment that isolate my muscle groups leaving me with lots of weak links. I am now functionally stronger and fitter than I have ever been, even before the birth of my beautiful son. My midsection is rock solid and my pre-pregnancy jeans have never looked better on me."
“Take the weight off & keep it off”
This program can be done one on one with a trainer or you can book in a private small mothers group.
   - Mothers Group $25 per person
   - 1 on 1 $60 for a 45 minute session
   - 1 on 1 $45 for a 30 minute session
If you have any questions please contact me via email or phone. Contact Us
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