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Kettlebell Workshops Testimonials
Kettlebell Athletica Workshop Testimonials
The Kettlebell Athletica workshop run by Phil Kourbatski and Jad Marinovic was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn the skills required to accurately perform the fundamental kettlebell exercises.   I have been using kettlebells for approximately six months and I appreciate that I am able to draw on the knowledge of experts like Jad and Phil.  Their explanation and demonstration is crucial to assist with the corrrection of any bad techniques and provided me with the principles behind the competent, efficient and safe use of the kettlebell.  I enjoyed every minute and look forward to attending another workshop in the near future.

Jodie Cherry 
Phil Kourbatski and Jad Marinovic’s Level 1 - Introduction to Kettlebell Training Workshop, held at Jad’s Kettlebell Athletica, focused on technique and moving functionally as a whole. The core lifts and how to perform them were communicated and demonstrated in detail and with enthusiasm. Certain lifts such as the snatch , have many subtleties and Phil’s experienced eyes offered individual corrections. Visually both of them are great to observe, Jad’s natural style with the bells and grace of movement is outstanding. If you are serious about wanting to improve your technique and improve your flow, training with these two professionals is a must.

Karen Ellis IKFF KB Instructor, Vasily Ginko (girl!) Level 1
I recently attended a kettle-bell workshop at Kettle-bell Athletica to gain an insight into the fundamentals of kettlebell training.  I found the presenter, Phil Kourbatski, to be extremely knowledgable and an excellent instructor and Jad, the co-presenter (and professinoal kettlebell sport competitor), provided perfect demonstrations of the techniques.   Phil and Jad provided many  helpful explanations that assisted  the participants in achieving the desired learning outcomes.  If you want to learn proper kettlebell technique and training methods I recommend you attend one of Phil and Jad's workshops.  If you are a combat athlete you need to attend one of their seminars!   Tyrone Crosse, jujitsu instructor
I participated in the kettlebell workshop held at Kettlebell Athletica on November 28th. Before the workshop I had no real knowledge of the wide array of techniques and training principals that make this type of training so useful. The instructors who ran the course, Phil Kourbatski and Jad Marinovic, were well versed in all the areas of kettlebell training and delivered the course to us at a very high standard. I can now consider myself very learned in all of the basic aspects of kettlebell training. Being a combat athlete was put onto Phil's and Jad’s workshop  by my instructor and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about kettlebell training.

Great course!

James Crosse Jiu – Jitsu combat athlete On this day Sunday 28 November I attended a kettlebell seminar at Kettlebell Athletica.  There are two reasons why I enrolled in the seminar. Firstly, learn the fundamental skills of kettlebell training. Secondly, it’s conducted by Phil Kourbatsi and Jad Marinovic Phil’s and Jad’s personal attention and high level of coaching to the participants was outstanding. I felt the whole workshop very satisfying. I learned so much.

I encourage all to attend one of Phil’s and Jad’s kettlebell workshop seminars!

Peter Kyriakos

Fitness Instructor   
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