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Jad Marinovic - Phil Kourbatski
Workshop Presenters

All the workshops in the Kettlebell Athletica Accreditation Program Series have been designed by Phil Kourbatski and Jad Marinovic who are Australia’s #1 leading certified male and female Kettlebell Instructors and pioneers in both Kettlebell training for fitness and sport in Australia.

Phil Kourbatski

Owner/presenter of ‘The Girevoy Group’ Certified Australian Kettlebell Instructor (AKI) course, and qualified Personal Trainer (Cert IV). 

Phil Kourbatski started training with kettlebells over 30 years ago in Russia.  He is one of the owners/presenters of ‘The Girevoy Group’ who pioneered the Kettlebell training certification concept by launching the first Australian Kettlebell Instructor certification (AKI) course in 2008.

Phil has also been conducting Kettlebell workshops around Australia for several years now. A former ice hockey player, he worked as a strength and conditioning coach with a Division 1 team before serving as a Kettlebell instructor for the Russian military.  Since arriving in Australia he has focused his energy on high performance training and teaching the ancient art of Kettlebell lifting.  With a unique combination of expertise and knowledge Phil’s leadership credentials in kettlebell and performance training are unsurpassed down-under.  Phil is known as the trainer’s trainer and is highly sought after by industry fitness professionals.

Jad Marinovic

Founder and sole owner of “Kettlebell Athletica” Australia’s 1st dedicated commercial Kettlebell Studio/Gym, IKSA Level 2 GS Coach, Australian Kettlebell Instructor (AKI) and Professional Kettlebell Sport Athlete

Kettlebell Athletica’s founder Jad Marinovic is Australia’s #1 leading female Kettlebell instructor by pioneering the concept of opening up a dedicated Kettlebell training studio/gym in Australia that offers specialized Kettlebell training instruction via private and small group training classes and workshops which includes it’s very own brand of Kettlebells and being one of Australia’s first certified Kettlebell instructors.  

Jad specializes in Kettlebell training for fitness, sport and Kettlebell Power juggling.  To become an expert in her field and to maintain her expertise, over the past 3 years, Jad has not only become a certified Kettlebell instructor for both fitness and sport and has attended several Kettlebell workshops. She continues to be coached by the best in the business.  Jad is trained by the renowned leading expert Kettlebell instructor, Phil Kourbatski, and to prepare her for Kettlebell Sport competitions she is also getting coached online by Sergey Rachinskiy, 9-time World Kettlebell Sport Champion and International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA) President, Master Coach.  She is very passionate about spreading the word about Kettlebell training for fitness and sport and she definitely walks the talk having recently also becoming the first female to compete internationally as part of a Kettlebell sport team which is Australia’s 1st where she won gold in her weight class achieving the rank of CMS.  She also achieved the WKC Strongwoman Rank using the 20 kg.  Jad is also the secretary of Girevoy Sport Australia Association (GSAA) which is affiliated with the International Union of Kettlebell lifting (IUKL) and is an official GS sport club that also hosts Kettlebell Sport Competitions.  


Jad Marinovic

  • Professional Kettlebell Sport Athlete
  • Qualified Personal Trainer (Cert IV), and Group Exercise Instructor
  • IKSA (International Kettlebell & Strength Training Academy – Level 2 Certified Coach
  • Certified Australian Kettlebell Instructor (AKI)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)


AKC Classic 2010, Las Vegas

  • Jad won the Gold Medal in Biathlon at AKC Classic Championship in Las Vegas and achieved the rank of CMS.
  • Jad also achieved WKC Strongwoman rank with 20kg.


Phil Kourbatski

  • Qualified Personal Trainer (Cert IV) 
  • Certified Australian Kettlebell Instructor (AKI)
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